Sudan Atrocities Documentation

Bringing Them to Justice

When crimes are committed against humanity, the perpetrators should be held accountable for their crimes and bring them to justice. The goal of documentation of the atrocities in Sudan particularly in Darfur is to provide factual materials that will support accountability for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations. The physical documents, pictures video, and audio interviews may serve as a living history, commemorating the crimes that will reach the level of ethnic cleansing and genocide as the source of knowledge, information, and recording of history that will help scholars, students, and ordinary citizens of the magnitude and severity of the crimes in Darfur.
Due to the security situation, regular courses cannot be conducted. To address this challenge, we seek to establish an offline Learning Management System, which would cost approximately 45,000 US dollars a year to develop. This system would enable students in the war zone to continue their education without interruption. We implore you to support us in this noble cause.
The specific objectives:
Previously Darfur Peace and Development completed a very successful Darfur atrocities Project, where it gathered over 800 documents provided to ICC.